The People that Cry Wolf; Dramatic People

Recently I have been on the receiving end of several people doing what I call crying wolf, where you think they are in danger and really, they are simply being dramatic with the intent of wanting you to think there is a danger. I see this a great deal in alcoholics or people who do not get the attention they really need. Since over the past few weeks this has come up several times for me in my own personal life, I thought this would be a great topic.

First, we have to realize that there are people who live for drama. They cannot imagine their life without it. They are always sick, something is wrong, someone is always out to get them, someone is cheating, deceiving, someone is doing them wrong, there is always something. Chaos seems to be the status quo for the majority of certain people’s life and given so , it is all they know.

Most of these people get attention for their drama. Clearly it gives them something to drink or drug about. Here is the good news about these people; eventually the drama will catch up with them, it’s called karma, and someone will clearly take action, or not and that could be even worse. So today, I want to talk about people who thrive on drama.

First know the signs of a dramatic person. These are people who are always finding fault with others, people who are always sick and advertize how sick they are. They want the world to know they are “awful” their health is, yet do nothing to stay in good shape. They will continue to share things about how awful their life or health is until they get the reaction they are seeking. It’s their “reward” their reason to drink, or to be angry, or to justify actions that are not positive.

They will often change the topic and make it about them. Dramatic people like to be seen and noticed. They are often the center of attention, and they rise to the occasion when all eyes are on them.

Keep in mind, people who cry wolf and are very dramatic normally have a personality disorder and they have frequent mood swings, stormy relationships, social isolation, angry outbursts, suspicion and mistrust of others, have difficulty making friends, and you can count on alcohol or substance abuse issues.

Many people refuse treatment and live in their world of drama. Good news, there are ways you can protect yourself. First, do all you can to ignore the persons drama. Know they are coming to you to get a reward for their dramatic outbreak. It feeds them.  So give it no attention.

The next thing you can do is know it is a pattern and simply do not believe the drama. It is that simple. Dramatic people will make a mountain out of a molehill, so let them have their mountain and walk away to a more peaceful path. You hear misery loves company but dramatic people demand it. So walk away….

Always remember when dealing with the dramatic person, it’s not about you rather, it is about them. When a person is being dramatic, it is either their way of life or something else has escalated their emotional state such as alcohol or an undiagnosed mental health issue  and they are not equipped enough to handle certain emotions. This drama is normal for them so just don’t take it personally.

For those that TRULY believe the sky is falling and always cry wolf, they will need some professional help. For those of us stuck in the fray, remember it is not about you, give it no attention, and with love in your heart suggest they get help.

For today this is Dr. Tyler Woods saying, walk in peace….