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Are you sick and tired of being anxious and or depressed, or unsure of yourself? Is you confidence not what it used to be? Do you ever wonder why you overeat when you really want to control your weight or why you have anxiety or suffer from depression when it is your moment to shime? Are you tired of people telling you to “Just Snap Out Of It?” and doctors that just hide your symptoms with pills.

Hi, I am Dr. Tyler Woods, I have a BA in Holistic Psychology, a Master’s in Counseling Psychology and Doctor in Philosophy in Holistic Health. I am the host of Holistic Mental Health and Wellness on Septic Radio.

I believe in focusing on YOU not on this or that symptom. A holistic natural approach to mental, physical and spiritual wellness is the best way to overcoming anxiety, depression, lack of self-confidence and to stay healthy, lose weight and get fit.

The problem many of of us face when seeking help is that people want to give us a pill for that another pill for this without ever focusing on us, the person. Let’s change that now with the Natural Health And Wellness System.

Are Your Ready To Get Started?

I have had several colleagues tell me I should break up the guidebooks and sell them separately because I could make more money. While it’s true in the past I have sold a single guidebook for $35.00. I decided that giving whole system away for free on this website, because it is the right thing to do.

I could sell this in a complete package for a at least a hundred dollars, so why am I doing this? Because I have dear friends and family that suffer from depression, anxiety and have complications due to fear and low self esteem. Several years ago I had a dear friend that lost her battle to depression. So I am doing this because my goal is to be able to help as many people as possible in a complete holistic manner.

This is a great deal, but more importantly it can change your life.

I want to be honest, I do make a little money through affiliate product sales, which I donate a part to Survivors of Suicide.

The Plan

Introduction Audio

Hello this is Dr. Tyler Woods and I am so glad you decided to join me on this journey to Holistic and Natural Health and Wellness. This will be a journey of physical, mental, and spiritual transformation.

I think you will be surprised at how much better you will start to feel if you follow the plan and the guidebooks. There can be no skipping and in order for this to work, you need to be willing to follow the suggestions and guidebook as directed.

This is set up to be an eight week program to change your lifestyle. However, you may take as long as you want, but I don’t recommend going any faster as your body, mind and spirit needs time to adjust, absorb and transform with each lesson and activity. This is not something to rush through as you will need time to reflect on the lessons as the reflection time is equally as important if not MORE important than the lessons themselves.

I cannot emphasis how important it is going to be to follow the plan. There are guides, ideas, tips, and significant instructions and exercises to get you through each and every guidebook and the plan is what helps you put it all together and make it simple.

Before we begin week one I’d like you to get a notepad. Many of the activities require you to write down answers, goals, etc. It is vitally important that you actually think about the activities in your head. Writing it down helps you to face what you wrote as well as allows you to review what you wrote. Alternatively you may print out they guide books or just the pages you need.

Finally, there is audio coaching for each week of this program. For example, if you are doing the activities in week one listen to week one of the audio coaching. Also, feel free to use the meditations either video or audio to help you relax and stay calm.

Again a reminder before you start each new guidebook, read the section in the plan and listen to the audio. I think you will discover you really are not alone in this journey if you do so.

Let’s begin the walk towards peace.

This website also has articles and down-loadable special reports. I hope you will join in in this holistic journey to natural health and wellness.

Walk in peace

Tyler Woods PH.D.