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Letting Go Part 2

So in the first part of this, we talked about what kind of emotional pain we hold onto and why we hold onto it. Today I want to talk a little about how to let go. One of my favorites saying sis; “it’s not the letting go that hurts, it’s the holding on.” I see […]

Letting go part 1

The Buddha once said, “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” I hear it every day; people upset because they hold onto something that they need to let go of. Part of the problem is we […]

Natural Treatment for Sundowners

My father needs constant care 24 hours around the clock that my mother and a few other caregivers offer him. He has dementia, COPD and a sever anxiety disorder. Along with this, he has something that many people with dementia and Alzheimer’s have and yet so few people know about and it is called Sundowners […]

Meditation Not Negatation

I have had this requested several times to repost my article of Negatation. So by request here you go. So what is negatation? Negatation is meditation in the wrong direction. It is that simple. We make choices to negatate rather than meditate on the positive. Did you know that the average person has about 70,000 […]

Mind Body Spirit Interventions

Mental health is how we think, feel, and act, as we cope with life. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Like physical health, mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence, through adulthood. Everyone feels worried, anxious, sad, or stressed sometimes. But […]

Forgiveness Is A Release

I once knew someone who said forgiveness is all about ego. Seems like he left a few words out it is about letting go not ego. It is a release so to speak.  You see to forgive doesn’t mean you are okay with what happened. It also does not mean you must keep those people, […]

The intent of Forgiveness

To Understand Everything Is to Forgive Everything. The act of forgiving is more important for those who are forgiving than for those who need to be forgiven, for a very simple reason – those who make mistakes will still need to learn how to become better even if they are forgiven, since they are subjected to […]

What is Thought

We have so many thoughts and they run through our head like wild fire but what is thought?  It can help us learn to have positive thought if we just understood what is thought Thoughts are energy and act like magnets, drawing to them thoughts of similar vibration. Thoughts become things. All thought is prayer. […]

Depression, Anxiety and Weight Gain: The Despair Cycle

Today I want to talk about something that so many people tend to have, but there seems to be no name for it. Sometimes we get depressed and with the depression we begin to experience anxiety. Then our self-esteem begins to suffer, we are filled with fear and we begin to over eat or stuff […]

We Are Moving

I have some news that has me excited and I know you will be excited as well. My blog page is moving. First, I want to thank you for making this blog so popular and well received. Imagine the blog offering even more. Well, that is what I am going to do. I am moving […]

The Blame Game

 I just recorded a radio show on blame and feel strongly about people who blames others for their actions and feeling.  So today I want to talk about the BLAME GAME. Recently I have had several wonderful opportunities of people blaming others for their behaviors. Family members blaming family members, spouses blaming spouses, and I knew […]

Emotional Wellbeing

What is emotional health? People with good emotional health are in control of their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. They feel good about themselves and have good relationships. They can keep problems in perspective. Emotional health, then, is not about feeling good all the time but is about respecting your emotions – all of them and […]

Scratching the Surface of Anger

Today I want to share about anger. There is so much about anger to talk about that volumes of books have been written, so this writing will just scratch the surface of anger. Medical and psychological research has shown that no matter how much you exercise or eat correctly, you are putting yourself at risk […]


I was thinking about courage today. Some people have wonderful courage like those who survived and thrived the January 8th shooting here in Tucson Arizona. That is pure courage. I keep up on the survivors and on how courageous they are today. Then I think of those who do not have courage tend to stay […]

Do Not Make New Year’s Resolutions

I always am amazed when I hear people make New Year’s resolutions. They are all about what you think you should do and not what you want to do therefore it makes it almost impossible to make it happen. In fact, MOST of New Year’s resolutions fail within the first six weeks. Year after year, […]