How to Overcome Fear

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We know that some fears are healthy for us and keep us safe; I am referring to the fear that prevents you from doing what you. It interferes with you in communication and prevents you from feeling good about yourself. So let’s tackle this thief called fear.

This week will address the issue of fear. This guidebook has a more writing for you than the others I suggest you print out the Walking Outside of Fear Guidebook or have a spiral notebook ready for this section.

Now, before we begin working through the book I suggest you take a few minutes to write your own thoughts on fear.

My definition of fear_____________________________________________________________

What I would do without fear holding me back________________________________________

Let’s work through the Walking Outside of Fear Guidebook Guide Book. Take your time. Stop and reflect as you go talk a walk if you need to stop when you feel the need. After you are done I want you to be conscious of when fear limits your actions. Write them down and ask yourself did the fear stop you from achieving your goal or save you from harm.

Part 2
Letting Go of Fear

I was once working with a client and they refused to let go of fear. In fact, the more we worked together, the harder they held onto their fears. Finally, one day I got the courage to just confront this person and I ask why they were holding onto their fear so hard. They said “Because it’s comfortable. It’s all I know.” In that moment, I got it. I understood that we hold onto fear because it is what we know. Since we were children fear was indoctrinated in us. Don’t do this or else, or you best do this or else. Our every move was programmed on fear. It seems like that is how we learned.

This fear makes it impossible to enjoy what we have. We are afraid that our happiness and successes could be taken from us. Some of us learned this through punishment, and some of us learned this through feeling uncomfortable with change.

My favorite author Don Miguel Ruiz, author of the Four Agreement and Beyond Fear says, “Death is not the biggest fear we have; our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive – the risk to be alive and express what we really are.”

So let’s begin to tackle this fear of being who we really are. I would like you to just sit for a second and close your eyes, and imagine being fearless. Sit with that feeling for a moment, and start reading the Walking Out of Depression Guidebook.

Part 3

Know that as you work through your fear, you might experience some anger. Most angry people are simply people who are frightened and they use anger to hide their fear. So if you become angry as we work through some of the fear guidebook, then it is okay. Your fears are buried very deep, it will be hard to see and difficult to find as the anger protects fear and keeps it safe. So allow the anger to come out in a safe and productive manner.

This is very important. Know if you experience fear, take a break. Know when enough is enough. Tackling fears that may be as old as you are is not easy. If you feel that you get shortness in breath, or rapid heart beat and symptoms of an anxiety attack, just take a few deep breaths. Follow one of your meditations or go for a walk.

Okay you are ready to walk through fear, good luck and refer to the meditation audio and video as often as you need and as you walk outside of your fears, remember to walk in peace…