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Over the years of studying holistic health and wellness and helping my private clients I have found that people are aways searching for good tools and quality resources to help them achieve their goals. That I why I put together on this page and website what I feel are some of the best tools to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. We offer a huge variety of resources and tools that can assist you in everything from depression, to anxiety, meditation, setting goals and even fitness. Please make the time check out everything this page has to offer. I am confident you will find something that will improve your life.

The Three Pillars Of Strength is the official companion to Tyler Woods radio show Holistic Mental Health And Healing. This download tell you about Tyler Woods, anxiety and depression, three pillars of strength and finally an episode guide to Holistic Mental Health and Healing.

Goal Setting Worksheet
It can be hard to stick to your goals but it feels exuberating when we achieve our goals. To help you excel, reach and even surpass your goals I put together this interactive Goal Setting Worksheet. It will be your first step to carrying through to success.

SelfEsteem Work sheets
We have all heard of the problems of low self esteem and the wonders that can be achieved with positive affirmations. That why I am really excited about my interactive Self Esteem worksheets. It asks you a few questions that helps you focus on the positive and then it turns that exercise into positive affirmations. Click her now to get started: Self Esteem worksheets

Healthy Eating Tools

Anyone that knows me also know I have struggled with my weight. I know I eat my best when I plan ahead to eat right and have a back up plan for when things do not work out. It is true that failing to plan is planning to fail. That is why I feel that the following tools will be a huge help for anyone that wants to eat healthy. The first one is a 7 day meal planner that you can print out when you are done or save to your hard-dive. The second on is to help you make fast food healthy choices. I hope you like these tool and please let me know what you think.

Depression Self Help Checklist

Simple things you can do in your daily life to help elevate your depression:

Please test out the Depression Self Help Checklist right now.

Self Improvement

While all the above are complementary the products below are for sale. I want to remind you, that I am an affiliate to the products below and that part of the funds that we earn goes to Tucson Survivors of Suicide, which helps families in our community. Please click on the links below to explore what is available to help you on your journey to health and fitness and be able to make an informed decision on what is best for you.

In order to achieve success in our lives both personally and professionally, we need to set goals. These goals are the GPS to our lives.

Saving Money

Setting and Keeping Goals

It is difficult to enjoy life with depression and anxiety by investing in these tools, you invest in living your life happy, joyful and free.




When you are fit, not only do you look better, you feel better and feeling better, is a goal we all desire.

Shaolin Qigong

Meal Planning

Weight Control

Relationships don’t make is whole, they complement us as an individual and learning how to have a good relationship makes us whole.

Relationship Questions

Romantic Text Messages

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