Relaxing Meditations

Reduce Stress

Let the sounds of the ocean along with gentle breathing help release stress. By becoming relaxed and calm and using visualizations, you can calm yourself. Anxiety and breathing are closely intertwined and go hand in hand. When we are stressed our sympathetic nervous system becomes very active and our breathing increases.

By relaxing and using breathing and visualization techniques breathing can slow, blood pressure can be lowered, your heart rate can slow down and become more regular and your adrenal glands produce less cortisol thus reducing stress.

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The General Wellness

Meditations help improve the mind body and spirit and can offer relief from depression, anxiety, weight loss, and health issues while building a strong bond with your spirituality. This meditation assists people in feeling light and relaxing enough to engage in a feeling of general wellness for health and mental health.

Wellness Audio

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By relaxing and breath work and the use of positive affirmations, the opportunity for positive self-esteem can shine through. This audio has you learn several positive affirmations and helps you place them in your sub-conscious mind by being relaxed. Having positive self-esteem can help the despair cycle because you begin to feel good about yourself and by feeling good about you, depression, anxiety and fear can go by the wayside.

Self-Esteem Audio

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Depression can be consuming and it can be very difficult to meditate. This simple video has you relax your muscles while watching a candle flame. You focus on relaxing the body and ridding thoughts. Depression deserves relaxation. If one is relaxed enough we make enough room in our subconscious mind to breathe in joy and light. The simplicity of this video helps because the flickering candle helps the mind stay calm and relaxed and not focus on distractions.

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