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A simple fast goal worksheet that you can print out or save to your computer.

Have you ever set a set goals with the best of intentions only to fall back into your habits without even realizing it. This Goal Setting Worksheet is design to help you reach your goals.You can use this page for wellness goal setting or anything you choose. When you set goals they should be realistic and this will vary from person to person. It may be realistic to some who runs regularly to run a marathon but if you weigh 400 pounds perhaps a walk for ten minuets would be more realistic in the short term. Fill in the form below the hit submit it will create a goal sheet that you can printout or save to your computer. Please be sure to look at at the sheet at least daily to help you stay motivated and on-track. You can also download a pdf version Goal Setting Worksheet

Please enter your goal.(lose weight,save money):

The date I will achieve my goals:

I will know I have achieved my goal when(lost 10 pounds,$500 in savings):

It is important to me to achieved my goal because(It affects my health, I am tired of going paycheck to pay check – please add all the reasons you can think of):

List three tasks to achieve your goal and time intervals – be specific(I will walk for 20 minuets 6 days a week. I will stop spending money on junk food and put the money I save in the bank every Friday.):

  • First Task
  • Second Task
  • Third Task

What obstacles has stopped you from reaching your goal in the past(I ate when I got upset.

I did not keep track of my spending):

What will you do different to overcome your obstacles.(I will call a friend when I am upset and take a walk instead of eating, I will check my bank account every morning when I get up):

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