Forgiveness Is A Release

I once knew someone who said forgiveness is all about ego. Seems like he left a few words out it is about letting go not ego. It is a release so to speak.  You see to forgive doesn’t mean you are okay with what happened. It also does not mean you must keep those people, places or things in your life. It DOES mean you learned valuable lessons through it, and now you no longer want to let it hold you back.

When you need to forgive, it is like releasing a thought and this release is like letting go of a burden that you carry, that you keep alive.  Forgiveness requires a willingness to release. It allows you to move forward rather than backwards. It allows you to accept and recognize there is true direction when you release something.

Forgiveness requires you saying I draw the line and now you can move forward. It allows you to recognize that there really is one true direction and that is forward rather than the past. The reality of the now can move you forward and you are allowed to draw that line and make a choice to release and let go.

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By releasing and forgiving you can;

Take your power back
Experience acceptance
Let go of attachments
Free yourself
Move forward
Love yourself unconditionally

I once read and could not agree more that forgiveness releasing negative feelings generated in you by another. It is your responsibility to let go of the hurt that another produces for you. The other person can apologize to you for their negative impact, but you still must let go of the hurt feelings in order for forgiveness to become a healing experience. If you want to move forward in your life, it is best to release the extra baggage of anger and resentment. Holding on to anger does not allow us to move forward and keeps us in the past.

Life is so very short. Ask yourself if you are ready to forgive and release rather than carry the weight of anger and resentment.  Truth is, when you release it is giving you some breathing room to allow yourself to walk in peace. That is because forgiveness is compassion in action. It is through the action of forgiveness that you will find a freedom that will help you feel better about yourself and the things you choose to do in life. Remember forgiveness does not change the past; it changes the present and opens the door to the future and allows you to release.

For now this is Dr. Tyler Woods saying walk in peace…

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