Embrace Your Flaws

flaws When I was fresh out of grad school, I had a clinical supervisor that had to supervise our counseling hours. She was a very spiritual woman and she gave me the best advice, she said “If you think you know everything, than you know nothing.” Recently I have been bumping into people who claim they have worked through everything. Some days I feel bad for those people because those are the people who have closed their door to learn.

Today briefly I want to talk about learning…Always remember when you say never, as in “I never get upset” or “I am never angry” then you have closed the door for learning. I am grateful for the days I get upset, or angry, or have doubt because that means I am open for learning new skills and new ways to work on myself and better who I am. I clearly do not want to walk this earth being perfect or thinking I know what is right or I know more than anyone else.

In order to reach nirvana we need to embrace our flaws. Look, we live in an unforgiving age, surrounded by examples of perfection everywhere. That is what makes us. We do not need to look perfect, talk perfect, act perfect and be all that and more. All we need to be is us. If you are angry, use it as an invitation to work on you. If you get frustrated, then you have opened the door to learn patience and tolerance.

That is the good news! I would rather open the door than to have it closed because I am too busy telling everyone how perfect I am and when I have to tell people how flawless I am, that means I am trying to convince myself.

Look be flawsome it’s okay. Keep your doors opened to learning. So you get mad, you are human! You are angry? GREAT! Anger is nothing more than giving you the opportunity to heal and learn and grow. Now that does not mean you get to walk around angry, it means you get the opportunity to work through the anger and open the doors to new wisdom.

If you think you are flawless, then you have shut the door to learning, opportunity and wisdom. So embrace your flaws and be flawsome! If you need help with embracing flaws, then life coaching or holistic or spiritual counseling could be what you need. Look at these as people who know how to allow you to keep the doors open wide to possibilities.

For now this is a flawsome Dr Tyler Woods saying walk in peace…