Cells Phones Weapons of Mass Distraction

It doesn’t seem to happen as often as I would like, however I was able to go on a little get away this weekend to a nice resort. It was a wonderful little vacation because it was such an eye opening experience and I seemed to have had one epiphany after another which was wonderful, yet one in particular made me sad and was really something we do that is weapons of mass distraction.

While I was on vacation, I began to notice the abundance of cell phone usage. For instance, I was at a wonderful restaurant and I watched two women walk in. As they sat down, they both grabbed their phone and began to text. They stopped long enough to order, and they began texting. I thought, how odd two people would go out to dinner to simply text others. There was no communication except for the occasional who was saying what in the text.

I then went to get a massage. When I walked in, they asked me if I would like to go into the “quiet room” and relax while waiting for my message. Of course, I went to the quiet room, as I would never turn down an opportunity to peace and quiet. I sat down and looked up and there were seven other people in the room. I looked around and could not help but notice, each one was on their cell phone either texting or talking.

Throughout my vacation, my eyes began to open to a world of no communication but a world of cell phones. There was no eye contact with people and no saying a gentle hello how are you. I realized that the use of cell phones in our society has become a real burden to the mind, the body and clearly the spirit.
Don’t take my word though, there are studies that are showing that cell phone usage is really causing some real damage. Researchers at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden investigated possible negative health effects of cell phone exposure. They have found that the use of cell phones is causing sleep disturbances and symptoms of depression and stress. In addition, a Japanese study found that children with cell phones often wouldn’t make friends with other children who don’t have cell phones. Plus, a British study of college students found that 7% of students had lost a relationship or jobs due to cell phone usage.

I cannot help but think this has a profound effect on our spiritual well-being. How can we walk a path of greater good and consciousness if we do not pay attention? The use of cell phones prevents us from having eye contact or engaging in each other’s energy. It prevents us from having those moments of mindfulness that is required to walk the path to spirituality. Staying on path is easy, just get out of the way and follow the leads the Universe however, it is hard if you are not paying attention.

I think the overuse of cell phones has become our weapons of mass distraction. We do not need to pay attention. The only problem is happiness requires us to pay attention, to be mindful, to walk the path. So how do we get out of this mess? PAY ATTENTION!

If we learn to stop hiding from life and using cell phones as a means of distraction, and step into the real power—then that is filling that empty space inside. Once we begin to communicate again, even through energy, we can be aware of the clues the Universe drops on us and such as being present, centered and walking with a degree of peace.

For today this is Dr. Tyler Woods saying, walk in peace…