Causing Harm with Intent–Bless Them

blessings20Recently I was given the wonderful opportunity to experience someone’s intent to create chaos and hurt and to create harm.  I was able to watch a couple of people try to destroy and damage a relationship. I am always shocked and amazed that people with intent, try to cause harm. I was also very grateful that it gave me the opportunity to feel pride and gratitude for the lessons it caused. These two people may have caused harm, but what they do not know is that most of the harm, happened to them. This has been a great opportunity to examine, why people cause harm with intent and what we can do to not let it affect us?

 So why would people cause harm with intent? The first thought is  these are emotionally  insecure people. These type of people have low levels of self-esteem and self-confidence and consequently feels insecure. In order to counter these feelings of insecurity they create situations in hopes to alleviate feelings of insecurity and inadequacy.

 Another reason is there could be a personality disorder one which often flips between victim, rescuer, and persecutor. Personality disorders  often create chaos and drama and the person creating it gets some sort of reward for it.

 I cannot help but think, the biggest reasons people try to create harm with intent is their lack of spiritual self. To create harm with the pure intent of creating harm, really shows that there is no sense of spiritual self. The spiritual path is one of inner self-discovery. Its total focus is based upon ones personal process of self-discovery and the search for greater meaning. The only requirement for spirituality is a willingness to commit oneself to total self-honesty and personal responsibility. People who cause harm with intent are people who are unable to take responsibility for their actions.

 The question remains, how do we deal with people who cause harm with intent? Try to resist the urge to be defensive. This is what they want. They want to know they created harm and want you and others to become defensive. The solution would be just not to feel defensive. This alone defeats their harmful intent.

 Try to count on your intuition. Our intuition is the GPS to our soul. So listen to what you souls GPS is saying. People who try to create a negative situation with intent are trying to create a whirl of emotions for others. Let your intuition guide you away from the situation.

 Try not to take it personally. These people are wanting to cause harm. It is their battle, and their inability to walk a path of peace. It has nothing to do with you. If others judge you by the harm they caused, know those who are judging you do not walk a path of peace either and send them all compassion.

 Make sure you get a great deal of support. These people are out to destroy your integrity. Make sure the people that you ask for support from have a good spiritual base and walk this planet with positive intent.

 Finally, I have to say bless them. You may be angry, hurt, and even amazed that people are capable of trying to cause harm, however, these people are the ones that need blessings the most. They are suffering so much they need to create chaos so others can suffer with them. Do not be part of their suffering and simply bless them.  

Sadly, there are people out there that try to cause harm with intent. It is important to walk the path of peace and move ahead of such people and be the peace that they are unable to achieve.

 For now, this is Dr. Tyler Woods saying walk in peace….