Building Self-Esteem


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Hi this Tyler and how do you think you are doing now? Well if you have any doubts let’s do a recap. So far, we have;

Met with a physician and had or will have a physical.
Created a budget and discussed out finances with the important people in our lives.
We worked on issues regarding anxiety and started using coping techniques discussed in the guidebook.
We are now taking time for ourselves with positive affirmations, yoga and mediation.
We are getting exercise and spending quality time with the people (and dogs) in our lives with daily walks.

So let’s move forward.

Part 1

The Building Self-Esteem Guidebook is truly my favorite, I feel that being proud of who you are will help you excel in all your endeavors. Before your read the second part I suggest you think about a time you where having negative thoughts. Please complete the sentences below:

I was really negative about __________________________________________________.
I feel my negativity was brought on by_________________________________________.
I stop being negative when___________________________________________________.
Looking back I feel ________________________________________________________.

Please keep the above in mind as your complete the Building Self-Esteem Guidebook . As always take your time, reflect on what you read discuss it with someone you trust. This is enough for the day or perhaps two.

Part 2
Working Through Feelings
As you begin to use the methods in the self-esteem guidebook you may notice that you have some feelings of resistance to positive feelings about yourself. Please try not to worry too much about this. It is Normal. What is important is that you don’t allow these feelings from stopping you from having a positive outlook about yourself. Please think about listening to the audio that is for positive self-esteem and listen to it several times a day while you work on this guidebook.

I have a little exercise I would like you to do before you start the guidebook.

First look at the clock and give yourself about 10 minutes or note the time on your watch or a clock. Now get a piece of paper and write your name on the top of the paper. Look at it, this name represents you. Now I would like you to write everything you can think of that is positive about yourself. You can include special qualities, talents, and achievements. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar and by all means don’t be organized. Write down whatever comes to mind.

It will be important to keep away from making negative statements or using any negative words. Now when you see the ten minutes has passed, stop writing and read it to yourself. You may feel a little awkward at first and some people even feel sad they read it. This is because it is a different and positive way of thinking about you. In fact, it is probably a way that contradicts some of the negative thoughts you may have had about yourself.

Don’t worry. Those feelings will lessen as your reread this paper. Now read the paper a few times and put it in a convenient because I want you to read it several times a day throughout the entire week of the self-esteem guidebook.

Part 3
Positive Affirmations

As part of your daily routine I would like you to add daily affirmations, please choose three for now.
The first one being an aspect of your life you are proud of. The second a characteristic of yourself that you feel is good and finally one for something your want to achieve.

For example:

I am a great parent.
I have a great smile
I will go back to college
Now write down yours.
Daily affirmations:


Say these affirmations with pride every day before your yoga/mediation routine. Lets stop here and start back after you add this to your routine for a day or two.
Do you see how your routine is growing?

Continue with the self esteem and listen carefully to the audio CD daily. Write each exercise out and really pace yourself. Take breaks when you need to and give yourself plenty of time to do the written exercises.