Antidepressants or Natural Cures for Depression

pills Medical news for depressed people on depression medications can be depressing. Why is that? Because antidepressants don’t work like we thought they did. What’s even more depressing is that the pharmaceutical industry and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have deliberately deceived us into believing that they DO work.

I always was aware on some level that these dangerous antidepressants did not work. If you are going to cause yourself physical harm, deal with awful side effects and for some people even death, wouldn’t it be nice if the medication at least worked?

How can billions and billions of dollars be made by the pharmaceutical companies if these wonder drugs or happiness in a bottle don’t work? Would modern science steer us wrong? The New England Journal of Medicine has found that drug companies selectively publish studies on antidepressants. They have published nearly all the studies that show benefit — but almost none of the studies that show these drugs are ineffective they simply don’t publish, and they can do that. That is great for them because they make lots of money and make us think these drugs work, when in fact, they work via the placebo effect.

In fact the New England Journal of Medicine says about 50% of these harmful drugs work, but relapsing after the medication stops are increased, doubled and tripled! So really when you think about it, wouldn’t it be easier to take better care of yourself and find more natural ways to feel better.

It is sort of like having gastric bypass surgery. Many people will not exercise, eat right and do as they are told so they have surgery so they will eat less, but many people find ways to stretch their new small tummies and gain the weight back, rather, if they would have learned how to eat right in the first place, and exercise, they would be healthier and happier longer and in fact saved themselves or at least the insurance companies some money. People want the easier softer way out, but trust me, if you want to be healthy and happy, it takes work. Surgery or pills do not last forever, but a healthy lifestyle does!

Here is the bottom line why we use drugs that do not work so much. You see Doctors prescribe them because they do not have time to treat patients. That’s right. It take 2 minutes to prescribe a drug and 20 minutes to not prescribe a drug. Multiply that and your doctor is going to be writing prescriptions till they get carpel tunnel.

If they COULD spend time with you and believed in integrative medicine, these are some tips they may offer you.

Look into vitamins. Take vitamin D can help because low levels of this can cause depression. More and more people are being diagnosed with vitamin D deficiencies. In addition, take a B complex daily as the B’s are excellent in improving mood and keeping you energized and motivated. Your brain is made of up Omega three and is the new cutting edge treatment for depression and other mental health issues. Taking at least 3,000-6,000 mg a day does a mind good!

Have a complete physical. Many medical conditions mimic depression.Thyroid and blood sugars can make a person highly depressed and antidepressants will not cure that, in fact, if left untreated can cause deadly harm.  Demand your doctor run simple blood test.

Change your diet. We are what we eat and some foods we may be allergic to. That allergy can make us feel depressed and moody. Try the anti-inflammatory diet because inflammation has been connected with depression and other mood disorders and it is based on elimination. So eliminating foods that cause your moods to become depressed is a great and simple way to get going on feeling better.

Exercise! Get movement. We are energy and it gets stagnant. So move! Move at least 30 minutes a day. Walk, jog, run, yoga, aerobics, sports, swim, just move!

Talk! That is right, talk. Get counseling, see a life coach, see a holistic mental health coach or practitioner, see a spiritual advisor, no matter which route you take, talk talk talk.

Finally get lots of social support. People who do not socialize suffer far more depression than people who do socialize. Get with friends, join a group and make sure you have plenty of socialization in your life.

Taking a pill that does not work and changing your biology and coping with deadly side effects is a choice that does not have to be made. In today’s world, doctors are too busy to offer you the proper suggestions, so seek out second and third opinions if you are prescribed dangerous drugs that mainly work on the placebo effect. Your life is important and you should treat yourself as important as you really are!

For now this is Dr. Tyler Woods saying walk in peace…