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courage2I was thinking about courage today. Some people have wonderful courage like those who survived and thrived the January 8th shooting here in Tucson Arizona. That is pure courage. I keep up on the survivors and on how courageous they are today. Then I think of those who do not have courage tend to stay in failed marriages and complain but have no courage to make change, or those who are so afraid to let go because it takes to much courage to let go. I think about those who forget gratitude because gratitude really is an act of courage. Then I thought courage can be difficult and clearly does not come easy.

Courage is the ability to act regardless of feelings or potential consequences. Courage is following your intuition when the facts are against it. Courage is only an accumulation of small steps, and each day we speak the truth with integrity, own our responsibilities, and reach out to another, we are building courage stamina. Building courage is the very first part to improving your self-esteem. When you build up your courage, this also helps you expand your mind; thus, creating new opportunities for growth. You are more likely to take risks that will guide you to an important positive future, where you may not have ordinarily challenged yourself to go. Fear will fall way behind when you build up your courage level.

How to be courageous

Commit to change—Imagine who you’ll become as you set up goals to change. The very act of formulating a goal will inevitably result in changes in you and your life.

Raise your consciousness—You can do this by acknowledging your fear and be ready to face your fear.

Do what you fear—Although fear is appropriate at times, some fear is plainly irrational. So if you feel afraid of something, do it immediately. Experience will soon teach you that it was a thought in your mind and that you’re fine.

Surrender the outcome—Courage is about action. Not results. If you have the courage to act, you’ve succeeded. Period. The outcome of the choice has nothing to do with success or failure.

Catch a Glimpse of Your Own Greatness—So what do you do with all your courage? Clearly it can permit you to lead a far more fulfilling and meaningful life. You will begin living as a daring human doing instead of a human being. You will uncover and develop your greatest talents. You will start living far more consciously and deliberately than you ever have before. Instead of reacting to events, you will proactively manufacture your own events.

Look at the many facets of possibilities—Instead of dwelling on the vulnerability of your problems look at the possibilities. You will find that there aren’t very many problems that cannot be solved. The hardest task is developing the right attitude to start the process of solving them.

View failure as opportunity—Any failure is an opportunity to honor courage. Hang up your disappointments somewhere and see them as strengths!

This is Dr. Tyler Woods saying walk in courage and walk in peace…

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