Do Not Make New Year’s Resolutions

heart doorI have been reading on Facebook posts, or running into people that have had to clear the "people clutter" out of their lives. Some people tell me it is painful and it hurts, while others are relieved. I keep on thinking of a story in my life and after hearing so many people going through this, I decided to share it in my blog.

About a year ago, I met a person and they appeared to be a rather spiritual person. They kept talking about books they have read, how many books they had, and how much time they spent meditating, and all about the good deeds they had done. They intrigued me. I am unsure why because not everyone else in my life was impressed. I saw something in this individual. I kept wondering why others did not see what I did.

The more they talked though, the more I started to see contradictions in this person. I also started to see some very passive aggressive behaviors. After devastating incident they did to me, my friends almost demanded I get away from this person, but again I ignored it. I was unsure why at the time. I noticed that I became a different person around this being. It was not me at all. I figured out the reason I stuck it out was they reminded me of me twenty years ago.

Though I took note of this, we began to do a few things together trying to get a spiritual message out. I noticed more contradictions and other things that had my red flags swaying. People started to point it out to me, again, I ignored it, and I meditated, and I understood that I needed to get this person out of my life or at least find a way to put some good distance between us, I was just unsure how. I meditated, and asked the powers that be to please find a way to remove this presence from my life.

Again, my friends and colleagues said just stop communication with this person and wondered if I was blind. I was not blind in fact, I was fully aware that if I trusted the process, it would take care of itself and I would have to do nothing more than wait. I did not have to wait long. One day, as we talked, I could not agree with what the person was saying. I chose to stick to my truth. My truth agitated them. I knew they were unable to deal with certain realities, as they did not live in the normal realities that most people did. I did not stand down, maintained my point of view, and refused to be bullied. It was apparent this person could not tolerate that that they stood up and walked out, never to be seen again.

I admit, I sort of chuckled a bit at first. It was done so immaturely it was actually a tad on the funny side. Then I was angry but that only lasted for about five minutes because I realized, I had gotten not only just what I asked for, I had gotten just what I needed.

Within the first 24 hours, a door opened that I had been waiting for. Had this person been in my life that door would not have opened. Then a week later, another door opened, then another and another and soon I could not keep track of the doors opening. My friends were so grateful that this happened and happened with such ease. We all cheered and knew that the powers that be takes care of those who trust the process and become sincere.

So remember, when it is time to let go of someone in your life, just put it out there. Spirit will take care of it as long as you trust the process and believe you deserve the best. Speak your truth, normally that scares off people who do not belong in your life. Be authentic. For some people being authentic to people who are not authentic, is what kryptonite is to Superman. For those going through a transition, where they need to clear out people clutter, open the door to your heart and let them out. Do not fear getting rid of people who are not doing you good in your life, allow your heart to be big enough to let them go, and trust the process.


For now, this is Dr. Tyler Woods with a very open heart walking in peace…

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