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open-doorWhen one door closes another pone opens. How often have you heard this saying? Probably too many times. Some people agree with this theory while others think it is just a positive saying. So what does this phrase mean really? Should we take it literally?

I have clients that have doors shut all the time. Either friends walk away, relationships end, or there was a job loss. I try to help people look at it with love and light in their hearts. The first thing I tell my clients is friends don’t walk away, so there is never a question if someone said their friend walked away, real friend don’t walk–they talk.

The next door I see close often is relationships and marriages. I try to tell people that perfectly good marriages or relationships don’t end. Relationships with issue end. We have to really look at why Relationships really end. Do people leave a PERFECTLY good relationship? Really? When you look at it up close, there were things wrong with the relationship.

Recently in my life I had several doors shut. I am so thrilled about these doors closing. At first I pondered for a few days thinking, hmmmmmm what did I do? Then I took me out of the equation and stopped making it about me. When I looked at the situation, it had nothing to do with me, and upon further examination and deep meditation, I realized the door needed to close but I was afraid to shut it myself, so in comes the universe–and shuts it for me. I learned from that to say thank you thank you daily as much as I can now.

Now a few days after meditation and pondering, I finally said; I LET GO! It almost felt as if the ground rumbled under me with so many doors, aka opportunities opening for me. Each opportunity was exciting, wonderful and abundant. Each opportunity was taking me to places I had envisioned and because I let go and walked my true path, the opportunities just fell into my lap.

We have to keep in mind that the world is full of opportunities. Ask yourself the question, are you ready to see them and let them in. You need to begin to believe that the universe is boundless, and so the possibilities are without numbers…they go on forever.

Now here is the problem with allowing other doors to open, we might not want to look elsewhere, partially because we might be attachment to the old and familiar, but i suspect the great reason is our fear of the new and the unknown.

What is important is to try to stop the mind from focusing on the door that has closed. When your mind goes there ask yourself this question, "Will these thoughts help me with anything except of increasing my pain? Will focusing on the closed door create improvement?" Chances are the answer will be no!

So please remember, when doors close, you have two choices, you can go to a place of fear and say oh no why me what did I do, or you can let go and walk into the new doors of opportunity and happiness.

For now this is Dr. Tyler Woods walking through new opened doors in peace.

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