The Despair Cycle

belief-systemMahatma Gandhi once said that your beliefs become your thoughts. This is true and eventually, you become what you believe in. So if you think a negative thought you will become that thought. It will manifest so to speak. So if you believe you will not get that job, then so be it, you thought it, now you won’t get that job. If you believe you are no good, so be it, you make it so. This is because your belief system puts you right where you are in life right now.

Many people simply don’t understand that many of their beliefs are based on lack, limitation, and shortage of (fill in the blank) money, friends, relationships and family. The bottom line, our life is our thoughts and our thoughts are our beliefs which become who we are.

So where did some of these belief systems come from? That is easy. They come from something you learned. Perhaps your parents, a teacher or a church leader. The truth is, a belief is handed down to us from generation to generation and with the passing of time, we forget that a belief is not a fact, but viewpoint. Sadly many view points are based on fears and negative thoughts.

It is important to recognize that belief systems are preprogrammed ideas. They are embedded and can run our lives without the least thought on our part. Any condition in our life or any feeling in our hearts that occurs over and over is rooted in a belief. Our outer life is just mirroring our inner beliefs. Because a belief is generally accepted by many others, we buy it as an accurate representation of the truth and our beliefs begin to imprison us and deny us access to what is real.

Our belief systems can be harmful and limiting but they can change. Belief systems can be hard to change when they are survival orientated and deeply ingrained, however, changing a belief system is very achievable.

I am not saying that a belief system is easy to change because they are a part of who we are, but I am saying it is mandatory to change if you have a negative belief system that does not move you in a positive direction. In the Natural Health and Wellness System I give you a few tips about how to change your belief system. Here are a few tips.

Learn to listen without prejudging and automatically thinking that this is good or bad, right or wrong. Train yourself to listen to what is being said without the necessity of believing in it. Stand back and see what happens.

In addition it is important to look at how you use belief systems are used to gain approval. We all want approval and it is interesting that once you realize you do not need others approval, you beliefs can begin to shift. The only person that can really give you the approval you need on a core level is you.

Don’t forget to reassess your concepts, values, beliefs, ideals, assumptions, defenses, goals, hopes, and reorganizing and understanding your real needs and motivations. This takes time, but is a very important step in changing your belief systems that get in your way of growth and opportunity.

Remember that changing a belief allows your authentic self to create from true feelings, which are the basis of your integrity.

This is Dr. Tyler Woods saying walk in peace……

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