Being Your Own Spiritual Coach

Spirituality Many people that feel stressed, anxious, depressed and suffer from health issues often turn to spiritual relief and often get the relief they are seeking. Sadly many do not turn to a spiritual practice because they confuse spirituality with religion. So what’s the difference?

There are many answers to that. Let’s take a look at several different perspectives. Spirituality is attraction rather than promotion. Some say organized religions are man’s limited attempt to reach out and understand God. Spirituality is God reaching down to man and inspiring man’s mind to understand and know Him. Others might say spirituality comes from within you and religion comes from outside of you. Nothing or no one can give you spirituality. But many can give you religion if you allow them to.

Still others will tell you that the difference is religion imposes, while spirituality frees the soul from bondage. Religion is a socially driven organization of laws or rules, rituals, and teachings, which have been generated by men for the purpose of maintaining a social structure, and spirituality is a self driven, intrinsically personal process toward a greater realization of the meaning of life and ones position within the greater whole.

One distinction between spirituality and religion is that religion is normally institutionalized, and spirituality can be outside the bounds of an institution, however, in short, religion is the following of another human beings conception of God, and spirituality is seeking out your own, one-on-one relationship.

There are no rules or rituals beyond those which the individual define for their own self. Spirituality is not about morals, it is about ethics. Morals are based upon the rules and rituals of the religious based society, whereas ethics are based in self honesty and personal responsibility. Spirituality is not for those who are dependant upon others to define the rules for them, but rather, for those who are willing to honestly and diligently search and discover who they are and what they truly desire, and then take the responsibility of building a code of ethics which will assist them in attaining it.

I hope this helps you a little. You can even be an atheist and be spiritual. Keep in mind spirituality is only for those who recognize that life brings to them that which they create through their thoughts and actions, and that they are totally responsible for their own life experience.

This is Tyler Woods inviting you to walk in peace.

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