Anxiety Part 2

Yesterday we talked about anxiety and what it was and ways supplements can help. However, much like medications, people can become dependant on supplements. No, supplements are not dangerous and addictive like prescribed medication, but people try to depend on the material item rather than their own internal resources. If you have anxiety and really want to reduce it, then it is time to change your lifestyle.

Anxiety is the feeling of fear or apprehension that is intense enough to
disrupt you daily activities. It disrupts your work, your relationships, and you! What if I told you the best cure for anxiety can come from you? I know hard to believe we have that much power, but it’s true. So if you really want to help your anxiety and even CURE it, then take some ste4ps. It’s entirely up to you!

First and foremost why don’t you become the master of your own thoughts? That’s right! Your inability to control what you think strengthens your tendency for anxiety. Anxiety gains momentum when you entertain negative thoughts.

Okay so how do you do that? Well why don’t you try to think positive. As they say, try to think of the glass as being half- full. Thinking it is half-empty will only result in a never-ending cycle of negative thinking. Thoughts give birth to thoughts, and what you
fill your mind with will spill over into reality. Do you really want your mental mantras to
become self-fulfilling prophecies? Well they will when you give thoughts permission to
perpetuate your mind, they burst forth into your reality. Thought is powerful and keep in mind, thought is about you. No one tells you how to think!

Eat your way through anxiety. NO NO NO I am not saying, when you are anxious to eat, I am saying eat correctly. Include in your diet food such as: apricots, asparagus, avocados, bananas, broccoli, blackstrap molasses, brewer’s yeast, brown rice, dried fruits, dulse, figs, fish (especially salmon), garlic, green leafy vegetables, legumes, raw nuts and seeds, soy products, whole grains and yogurt. These foods contain valuable minerals (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium) that are known to be depleted by stress.

Try eating several small meals, rather than three traditional meals a day. You might want to start to limit your intake of animal protein, while concentrating on meals high in vegetables and complex carbohydrates (whole grains). I’m not saying do not eat meat, I am just saying limit it. Avoid foods containing refined sugars, other simple carbohydrates, soft drinks, tobacco or alcohol.That’s right anxiety sufferers, cut out the alcohol! If you think it helps keep in mind it hinders. Keep a food diary to detect correlations between your attacks and foods you eat. Food allergies and sensitivities can trigger panic attacks.

Exercise can really help anxiety as can music, so why don’t you put on your ipod and go for a walk daily? See, coping with anxiety is easy, you have just made it difficult by what you say to yourself. You don’t want anxiety? Then go for a walk, join a gym, take up yoga, Tai chi, swim, but reducing anxiety is a very and requires an action!

Finally, the best thing you could ever do for an anxiety attack is to breathe. Use breathing techniques that help. Inhale slowly through the nose to the count of four, hold your breath for the count of four, exhale from the mouth slowly to the count of four, then do nothing to the count of four. Repeat this sequence until the attack subsides. Remind yourself that panic attacks last for a limited amount of time and that the attack will subside in a few minutes.

This is Tyler Woods asking you to walk in peace today.

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