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Forgiveness Is A Release

I once knew someone who said forgiveness is all about ego. Seems like he left a few words out it is about letting go not ego. It is a release so to speak.  You see to forgive doesn’t mean you are okay with what happened. It also does not mean you must keep those people,

5 Tips for Depression

You know Depression will hit about 30 million people in America this year. It can hurt everyone around us, including the person suffering from it. I want to offer you five tips that can help you deal with your depression a little better. Remember there is no one way to deal with depression and no

Developing Teen Positive Self-Esteem PT 2

Honoring yourself and who you really are is your birthright. So many teens “young adult teens” are so stuck on being adults and demanding they be treated as 40 year-olds, they fail to recognize that they may need to be treated older than they really are because of poor self-esteem. Much like my cousin who

Unconditional Love

Yesterday on facebook I sent a post that had a link to a wonderful non-profit that helps people cope and deal with leaving a certain religion. I sent this as some of my facebook friends are either counselors who treat people who have left this religion, or they themselves have left the religion. Recovery from

Anxiety-Just the Facts

With Christmas less than a week away, stress is building…relatives are coming into town or you are heading out of town, money could be tight, relationships could be rocky, and well you get the idea. Anxiety mounts! Anxiety works on an exaggeration. That’s right. It works by feeding it a story that is not true.


I had someone staying with me at my home and when they left they never did say thank you or goodbye. I realized this poor person is not a bad person, but does not have the attitude of gratitude. I am excited that this New Year I am taking on the attitude of gratitude. The

Good or Fad Diets for Mental Health

You are what you eat. We all know that a bad diet leads to obesity but did you know it leads to a variety of mental health issues. Low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, A person’s food intake affects mood, behavior, and brain function.  It seems for many people, we have a hard time understanding that some

Antidepressants or Natural Cures for Depression

Medical news for depressed people on depression medications can be depressing. Why is that? Because antidepressants don’t work like we thought they did. What’s even more depressing is that the pharmaceutical industry and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have deliberately deceived us into believing that they DO work. I always was aware on some level

Embrace Your Flaws

When I was fresh out of grad school, I had a clinical supervisor that had to supervise our counseling hours. She was a very spiritual woman and she gave me the best advice, she said “If you think you know everything, than you know nothing.” Recently I have been bumping into people who claim they

Insurance for Mental Health Care Labels You

If your health insurance plan provides full or partial reimbursement of your fees for psychotherapy, you would probably like to take advantage of this benefit. However, it’s important to know what you’re getting as well as what you’re giving up in exchange for the privilege of being reimbursed. You may decide that it’s not worth