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Walking in Peace

Hello wow time sure does fly I realize I have no written for a few. Time has kept me busy with a new book coming out and being rather busy at work. So I wanted to share something that I have started and that was opening the AZ Peace Clinic. What the Peace Clinic is


I was thinking about courage today. Some people have wonderful courage like those who survived and thrived the January 8th shooting here in Tucson Arizona. That is pure courage. I keep up on the survivors and on how courageous they are today. Then I think of those who do not have courage tend to stay

Needy People

For the past month it has been no secret that I have been spending all my time with my cousin in hospice. Knowing his days were limited, I took every advantage of being in his presence. I had no problems letting people know that I was not going to be as available until he passed,

Causing Harm with Intent–Bless Them

My father needs constant care 24 hours around the clock that my mother and a few other caregivers offer him. He has dementia, COPD and a sever anxiety disorder. Along with this, he has something that many people with dementia and Alzheimer’s have and yet so few people know about and it is called Sundowners