Health And Wellness Tools and Reports

Over the years of studying holistic health and wellness and helping my private clients I have found that people are aways searching for good tools and quality resources to help them achieve their goals. That I why I put together on this page and website what I feel are some of the best tools to

Letting Go Part 2

My father needs constant care 24 hours around the clock that my mother and a few other caregivers offer him. He has dementia, COPD and a sever anxiety disorder. Along with this, he has something that many people with dementia and Alzheimer’s have and yet so few people know about and it is called Sundowners

Consequences Defining Love

Imagine your 25-year-old child drinking and drugging to the point of not being able to hold down a job or go to college and you give them the money to buy their alcohol, and to top it off–you call it an act of love. Imagine your husband having six affairs and you have four children

Bringing in the New Year With Honesty

I  was recently talking to someone who strongly stated that he thought it was best to just tell people what they want to hear rather than telling the truth. “It’s just easier that way.” The other thing is to not say anything at all. “Just don’t say anything at all.” It was a new one

Using Food to Battle Depression

Millions of Americans are beginning to look at alternative methods of healing to compliment traditional western allopathic medicines. Many of these mind-body-spirit techniques complement or integrate nicely within mainstream mental health care. As a practitioner, you will learn to build a bridge enriched by knowledge and practice, both ancient and modern. Here is a partial

Losing Faith

Recently someone told me that I sounded like I was losing faith. After an interesting year filled with injury, loss, life and death, pain, suffering and sorrow I began to think that yes, perhaps I had lost faith. The question was, what is faith and how do I regain it? For those who know me,

change your life

Week 8 Week Eight Audio Message Recap Putting it into Action I cannot believe we have made it here together. We are on week eight and this week is simply a recap and a chance to go over what you have learned. First, let’s review. At this point we have: Met with a physician and

Dealing With Needy People

I believe that procrastination keeps the majority of human beings from getting the most out of life. What is it exactly?  The word procrastination literally means to leave something “for tomorrow.” It comes from the Latin words pro (for) and cras (tomorrow). Procrastination is the postponement of something that you know you should do. There

Disassemble the Fear

Have you ever met someone who takes themselves so serious that they hardly smile or laugh? I have and there is a part of me that feels sorry for people who take themselves so serious that they forget the best medicine in the world, laughter. Laughter is contagious. One person starts in, and the next

Do Not Make New Year’s Resolutions

I have been reading on Facebook posts, or running into people that have had to clear the "people clutter" out of their lives. Some people tell me it is painful and it hurts, while others are relieved. I keep on thinking of a story in my life and after hearing so many people going through