Month: June 2018

Yoga and Meditation

I feel ecstatic whenever I talk about yoga and meditation for many reasons. For instance, did you know that yoga can alleviate depression, anxiety, insomnia, fear and even help with weight loss and self-esteem by reducing the physiological manifestations of stress? This is done by raising the levels of endorphins which are chemicals that our

Courage – holistic health and wellness

I was thinking about courage today. Some people have wonderful courage like those who survived and thrived the January 8th shooting here in Tucson Arizona. That is pure courage. I keep up on the survivors and on how courageous they are today. Then I think of those who do not have courage tend to stay

Forgiveness Is A Release

I once knew someone who said forgiveness is all about ego. Seems like he left a few words out it is about letting go not ego. It is a release so to speak.  You see to forgive doesn’t mean you are okay with what happened. It also does not mean you must keep those people,

What NOT to Say When People are Grieving

My cousin who was also my dear friend passed away August 8, that was a couple days ago. People knew how close we were and how much time I have spent with him the past 3 weeks while he was in hospice. Knowing that he was going to die, and having talks with him about

Understanding Family Dysfunction Part 2

Recently I went to my parent’s home and gave them a gift of a food item they liked. I thought it would make their day since they both are currently disabled and often need cheering. My mother did not say thank you for the gift, rather she told me I was unliked by certain family

5 Tips for Depression

You know Depression will hit about 30 million people in America this year. It can hurt everyone around us, including the person suffering from it. I want to offer you five tips that can help you deal with your depression a little better. Remember there is no one way to deal with depression and no

Letting go part 1

The Buddha once said, “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” I hear it every day; people upset because they hold onto something that they need to let go of. Part of the problem is we

Oneness Wellness System

I have tried of variety of treatments to help me with my depression and anxiety. After working with Dr. Woods, I have finally found relief and I do not have to use medications. I was opposed to medication and Dr. Woods helped me find a way to deal with the anxiety in a calming and

Life Happens one Moment at a Time

In a single moment you can experience beauty, gratitude, and love. In another single moment you can experience life, death, and tragedy. The good news, you are alive and get to experience it. If you are not attuned with the single moment, then you miss the magic that a moment offers you. When I look

Health And Wellness Tools and Reports

Over the years of studying holistic health and wellness and helping my private clients I have found that people are aways searching for good tools and quality resources to help them achieve their goals. That I why I put together on this page and website what I feel are some of the best tools to